Irrigation syringe


Irrigation syringe

Short Description:

  • Component: Consist of core bar, plunger, outer barrel, protective cap and catheter Tip.
  • Intended use: For medical institutions, gynecology to rinse human wounds or cavities
  • Type: type A(Pull ring type),type B(Push type),type C(Ball Capsule type).

Product Detail

Product Tags

Metric system Packing quantity
Irrigation syringe type B 60ml 200  pcs/carton
Irrigation syringe type A 60ml 250  pcs/ carton
Irrigation syringe type C 60ml 250  pcs/ carton
Irrigation  100ml 50  pcs/ carton
Irrigation  150ml 40  pcs/ carton

Note: the specification and length can be customized according to the customers’ requirements

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