Disposable Surgical Mask level3


Disposable Surgical Mask level3

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【Product structure and composition】: medical surgical mask consists of mask body (outer layer, middle layer, inner layer), mask belt, nose clip. The mask body and outer layer are made of polypropylene spunbond nonwoven material, and the middle layer is made of polypropylene electrostatic meltblown nonwoven material; the material of the strapped mask belt is polypropylene spunbond nonwoven; the nose clip is polyethylene and iron wire. The product is provided in sterile form.

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3 ply non-woven disposable face mask earloop


Earloop/Tie-on, 3 layer, in stock










Widely used in hospital & healthcare etc.

Product Advantages

3-Layer Protection - Protect yourself from harmful particles (dirt, dust, smoke and airborne droplets) with the Jianlian 3-layer mask. Get 3 times the protection you need for worry-free days outdoors.

Full coverage mask - Extends the mask from your nose to your mouth and back to your chin to protect and seal your airways. Designed with a nose clip to ensure a snug fit so particles can't pass through.

Soft, breathable fabric - made from 3 layers of non-woven fabric - is durable, soft, lightweight and breathable. The inner layer is made of soft, colorless facial tissue that won't irritate your face even after prolonged use.

Disposable and hygienic - With a disposable mask, you'll have a months supply of indoor and outdoor protection. Always wear a new mask each time you need it to provide hygiene and maximum protection.

Made in China - Jianlian masks are made in China in an ISO certified factory. You can trust that Jianlian masks have undergone rigorous laboratory testing to meet the high standards set by the United States for personal protective equipment.


mask face
face mask
face mask
level3 medical facemask
level3 medical facemask

1. You should choose a suitable size mask according to your face size.

2. Wearing method: a. Fold and extend the mask; b. Pull up the upper edge of the mask straps to cover the mouth and nose, pull the two upper ties to behind the ear and tie it tightly on the head, put on the mask, wear it comfortably and press the nose clip lightly to make it tight to the face; c. Adjust the mask so that the mask can cover the nose and mouth to the lower jaw.

3. Before wearing, please confirm the front and back of the mask, the dark color is the front and the white is the back. The front side should face outward, the back side is facing the face, and the part with the nose strip should be above when wearing, don't wear it backwards.

4. Please avoid hand contact with the reverse side (inner side) of the mask before wearing.



1. This product is a sterile type strapped medical surgical mask, see the instructions for use before use.

2. This product is a single-use product, and repeated use is prohibited.

3. Sterile products are sterilized with ethylene oxide. The maximum use time is 8 hours, please destroy after use.

4. The product should be used as soon as possible after opening.

5. Do not use products whose packaging has been damaged.

6. If stored improperly, it is forbidden to use within the expiration date if it is moldy or deteriorated.

7. If breakage, fracture or other accidents occur when using, the product should be replaced immediately.

8. If dizziness, nausea, breathing difficulties, etc. occur when using the product, please replace the product immediately.

9. The mask should not be worn for too long, any skin irritation reaction should be removed immediately.

10. Choose a suitable size mask according to your face size.

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