• syringe for single use

    syringe for single use

    Syring luer slip with/without needle Syring luer lock with/without needle Syring luer slip/lock with safety needle Item Description of luer lock syringe Syring size 0.5ml,1ml,2ml,3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml,30ml,50ml,60ml Type Syring luer slip with/without needle Syring luer lock with/without needle Syring luer slip/lock with safety needle Min scale graduation 0.02ml Package(nit) blister Box(nits) 100pcs Case(nits) 2000pcs Sterliliation EO Expiration date 5 years Certifi...
  • Irrigation syringe

    Irrigation syringe

    • Component: Consist of core bar, plunger, outer barrel, protective cap and catheter Tip.
    • Intended use: For medical institutions, gynecology to rinse human wounds or cavities
    • Type: type A(Pull ring type),type B(Push type),type C(Ball Capsule type).
  • Antigentest


    High Accuracy,Specificity and Sensitivity

    No need instrument, get results in 15 minutes

    Room temperature storage

    Sample : Human Anterior Nares Swab

    Detect the presence of viral proteins

    Identify acute or early infection

  • Medical Protective Clothing

    Medical Protective Clothing

    Breathable, cool cotton back Washable Commonly used in clinics, laboratories, workshops, construction sites, painting, commercial and home inspections, isolation insulation, etc. for general isolation and protection Elastic wrists, waist, ankles to ensure a better fit and freedom of movement . Serrated seams, attached hoods and windshields help provide a higher standard of protection.

  • Disposable Medical Isolation Gown

    Disposable Medical Isolation Gown

    Breathable design: CE certified Class 2 PP and PE 40g protective gowns are tough enough to handle tough tasks while still providing comfortable breathability and flexibility.
    Practical design: The gown features a fully enclosed double lace-up design and knitted cuffs that allow gloves to be easily worn for protection.
    Sophisticated design: The dress is made of lightweight, non-woven material that ensures fluid resistance.
    Size-Fit Design: This gown is designed to fit men and women of all sizes, while providing comfort and flexibility.
    Double Tie Design: The gown features a double tie design at the waist and back of the neck to create a comfortable and secure fit.

  • Medical Surgical Gown

    Medical Surgical Gown

    Manufactured by sewing and bonding the composite non-woven fabric (SMSand non woven fabric:Composed of collar body, sleeve:sticking band and waist cord.velcro fastening collarband; elasttouiffs and:tie cord to waist:Intended:for single use Non-sterile.

  • Disposable Surgical Mask  ( 510K)

    Disposable Surgical Mask ( 510K)


    3-layer breathable: 3 layers can better block small particles in the air and filter it to reduce stuffiness of wearing the mask.

    Thoughtful design: The embedded nose clip can help fit the nose bridge and reduce fogging on glasses. Elastic ear loops: Highly elastic ear loops put little pressure on the ears and face, avoiding the discomfort associated with long-term use.

    A MUST FOR PERSONAL AND HOME: Complete personal care kit for daily use, for home and office, school and outdoor, service workers and personal needs. The best gift for family and friends.

  • Vinyl Examination Gloves (PVC Examination Gloves)

    Vinyl Examination Gloves (PVC Examination Gloves)

    Color: Transparent Material: PVC Market Position: Medical Applications: For medical and clinical examinations, nursing, oral examinations and other related applications; Provides effective hygienic protection for patients and users, and helps prevent cross-infection.50 bags/box, 2 gloves/bag; made from PVC, powder-free.

  • Medical Surgical Facemask Type IIR

    Medical Surgical Facemask Type IIR

    Are Class 1 medical devices that may be used for healthcare purposes but should not be used in surgical or high-risk situations, or in high-risk situations with contact with liquids or infectious materials.

    These are Class 1 medical devices and are not subject to FDA 501(k) reporting requirements. These products are made by FDA-registered manufacturers

    Disposable hygiene masks

    3-layer non-woven fabric with fine filtration and optimal breathability

    Comfortable to wear for long periods of time while maximizing protection

  • Disposable Surgical Mask level3

    Disposable Surgical Mask level3

    【Product structure and composition】: medical surgical mask consists of mask body (outer layer, middle layer, inner layer), mask belt, nose clip. The mask body and outer layer are made of polypropylene spunbond nonwoven material, and the middle layer is made of polypropylene electrostatic meltblown nonwoven material; the material of the strapped mask belt is polypropylene spunbond nonwoven; the nose clip is polyethylene and iron wire. The product is provided in sterile form.

  • Disposable  Standard Bata Quirurgica Surgical Isolation Gown

    Disposable Standard Bata Quirurgica Surgical Isolation Gown

    Practical planning: Fully enclosed double lacing plan, knitted cuffs for easy gloving to provide protection.

    High-quality materials: made of lightweight non-woven materials to ensure fluid resistance.

    Fit: A variety of sizes to suit men and women of all shapes and sizes, while providing comfort and flexibility.

    Lace-up design: Lace-up planning is chosen at the waist and back of the neck to create a comfortable and secure fit.

  • oxygen-concentrator 5L

    oxygen-concentrator 5L

    Suitable for: middle-aged, elderly, children, adults, adolescents

    Weight: 10-19.99kg

    Features: Quiet

    Specification: 5L

    Category: Oxygen Concentrator

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