What is the difference between “nitrile gloves, PVC gloves and rubber gloves”?


What is the difference between “nitrile gloves, PVC gloves and rubber gloves”?

Because disposable gloves can be divided into nitrile rubber gloves, PVC gloves and natural latex gloves according to the material. So what is the difference between them?

A, the material is different

1. nitrile rubber gloves: the material is NBR a kind of butadiene rubber, the main components of acrylonitrile and butadiene. 2;

2. PVC gloves: the material is polyethylene. 3;

3. natural latex gloves: the material is natural latex mattress (NR).


Second, the characteristics are not the same

1, nitrile rubber gloves: nitrile rubber checking gloves can be worn by both the left and right hand, 100% nitrile rubber natural latex production and manufacturing, no protein, reasonable to prevent protein allergies; key features are puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance and wash resistance; hemp-like surface treatment to prevent the application of the equipment slip off; high tensile strength to prevent the tear when wearing; no powder after the solution, easy to wear, reasonable to prevent by Powder caused by allergies.

2, PVC gloves: weak acid alkali resistance; low positive ion composition; excellent coordination and feel; suitable for semiconductor materials, lcd screens and computer hard disk and other production processes.

3, natural latex gloves: natural latex gloves with abrasion resistance, puncture resistance; resistance to strong acids and bases, vegetable oils, gasoline and diesel fuel and a variety of organic solvents, etc.; has a universal resistance to chemical properties, the actual effect of oil resistance is excellent; natural latex gloves feature a distinctive fingertip pattern design program, greatly improve the grip, reasonable to avoid running off.


Three, the main use is not the same

1, nitrile rubber gloves: the key to medical treatment, pharmaceutical, environmental health, beauty and food industry and other practical areas of operation.

2, PVC gloves: suitable for clean room, computer hard disk manufacturing, high precision electronic optics, electronic optical electronic devices, LCD/DVDlcd screen manufacturing, biotechnology, instrumentation, PCB packaging printing and other fields. Generally used in environmental health inspection, food industry, industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing factory industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and fruit industry, agriculture and animal husbandry and other fields of labor protection and environmental health at home.

3、Natural latex gloves: can be used as home, industrial production, medical treatment, beauty care and other fields of application. Suitable for machinery manufacturing, rechargeable battery processing manufacturing; fiberglass anti-corrosion field, airfield installation; aerospace industry; natural environment cleaning and removal.

Nitrile rubber gloves must be worn Note: 1.

1、No rings or other accessories in the hand;

2, nails should be cut and trimmed on time, not too long, to prevent the glove fingertips lead to harm;

3, avoid sharp objects stabbed through, such as needles, wooden sticks, etc.;

4, off the glove is to be from the wrist down gradually off, not from the finger area tugging;

5, the selection should pay attention to the specifications, too small will lead to blood smoothly unsatisfactory, very large is very easy to fall off;

6, must do regular maintenance, if found damaged can no longer be applied.

PVC gloves application frequently asked questions.

1, disposable PVC gloves do not have heat resistance, dielectric strength performance. Can not be used for outdoor workplace, certainly not allowed to do as an insulating layer gloves application.

2, the application of disposable PVC gloves once the goods suffered a scratch, will endanger the actual effect of safety and protection Do not apply.

3, disposable PVC gloves in storage to maintain natural ventilation and dryness, to avoid moisture, mold.

4, disposable PVC gloves when applied. Do not touch the corrosive chemicals.

Natural latex gloves frequently asked questions.

1, reason should be prevented from touching organic chemicals such as acids, alkalis, organic solutions.

2, such as in the solution of infectious chemicals, should be selected without powder and low protein natural latex gloves. Powder-free and low-protein natural latex gloves can reduce the risk factor of skin allergy. But to be frank, natural latex gloves with low skin allergy cannot reduce the risk factors of latex allergy, but only reduce the allergy symptoms caused by organic chemical additives in natural latex gloves.

3、Resolutely implement the work specification to reduce the chance of natural latex injury. Such as.

1) wearing natural latex gloves without the application of oil-soluble hand cream or toner, which can cause the decay or destruction of natural latex gloves.

2) After taking off or removing natural latex gloves, wash your hands with a soft soap and wipe your arms thoroughly.

3) Disposable natural latex gloves should not be worn repeatedly (as they may have lost their ability to work against harmful substances).

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